Technology: Computation Framework
Scorch Computation Framework is aimed to simplify the creation of complex AI systems
  • Combination:
  • Combines various machine learning modules, as well as auxiliary modules into a single ecosystem
  • Integration:
  • Provides integration of input and output data with business formats


Traintool is an instrument to prepare datasets for ML modules rapidly.
Train tool is a part of the Scorch platform, but additional software to save 2-3x times for teaching the modules to recognize the objects or themes, sounds and so on.
It allows to:
  • Provides high level of independence from recognition services provider - teach by your own
  • Create additional data sets from input data
  • Automated data pulling from the Internet by the url
  • Own development – optimized and convenient
  • Exchange skills with other users via cloud
Using Traintool user can load and manipulate media data such as photo, video and sounds in different formats. Also it is possible to cut, rotate images, generate fones and so on.