Technology: Computation Framework
Scorch Computation Framework is aimed to simplify the creation of complex AI systems
  • Combination:
  • Combines various machine learning modules, as well as auxiliary modules into a single ecosystem
  • Integration:
  • Provides integration of input and output data with business formats


Metadata video processor
This machine vision-empowered processor enables generation of text-format metadata for the analysis or search of videos. It is a useful tool for keeping each moment of a video manageable, be that a video advertising campaign or the search of something specific in videos.
Use cases of the text-format metadata for videos:
  • indexing and search of videos based on key words and key scenes
  • launch of video ads taking into account the scenes, objects or backgrounds shown in a video
  • auto-editing of raw footage according to metadata so the sought moments in a video are marked
  • creation of stats count related to a video, e.g. the total time of a particular object or brand shown in all videos
The processor implementation is simple:
  • scene-based modules are provided as a service or deployed on the server of a customer
  • the modules analyze selected folders for new files, upload and analyze new files
  • based on the analysis, the modules generate an xml-format file that contains information about a video – the file can be used by other systems to obtain information about video content or for the indexing and search of videos
  • the modules analyze a video and extract information
The extracted information is about:
  • objects, their in-video location, time when they appear in a video
  • video backgrounds and what is present against them, time when they appear, their in-video location
  • recognized human actions and time when they happen, recognized objects actions and time when they happen, specific objects and brands – in some cases possible when their logos and lettering are not visible (if required) – time when they appear, their in-video location
Smart Video Server
can be used by websites without video hosting facilities to:
  • allow users to upload video reviews
  • find and re-post contextually relevant videos, if permitted by an author, for the promotion of own services or products
Scorch Smart Video Server uses Scorch Metadata Video Processor for the auto-analysis of video and enhances the Processor’s capabilities by enabling videos sorted and classified by:
  • scenes
  • key words (actions, activities and objects in a video)
  • location in a video
  • ratings and view stats
  • backgrounds shown in a video
  • brands or place of scenes (hotel, golf club, mall etc.)
Uploading videos with web and mobile applications can be provided as an additional option
Who will benefit using Scorch Smart Video Server:
  • travel aggregator websites
  • hotel booking websites
  • retail
  • recreational businesses
  • brands that use VR booths for promotion purposes