Performance comparison


Minimum required CPU/GPUs for real-time object recognition (preliminary, will be enhanced).

The lowest possible requirements are budget GPUs ($50-80) and CPUs. Devices having GPUs with similar specs will be able to do real-time object recognition as well.

If implemented on a server, these graphics cards will be able to simultaneously process multiple streams for real-time object recognition.



fast algorithm, simultaneous streams per one GPU

exact algorithm, simultaneous streams per one GPU

Radeon R7 240, geforce 730, 2gb, Intel Pentium E2180 

1 0.65

Radeon R9 280X, GeForce GTX 770, 2gb, Intel Pentium E2180 

15 9

GeForce GTX 1080, 2gb, Intel Pentium E2180 

30 20


stream fast algorithm*

stream exact algorithm

Google Nexus 9

2 1

Xiaomi Mi3 

2 1

HTC One X+ 




research required

research required


* shown as an equivalent to performance on a server