Youtube brands detection is one of the first companies focused on visual recognition of complex actions and development of algorithms for detecting human actions. In addition to video and image processing, now also provides speech recognition solutions. This feature allows you significantly improve understanding of what is happening on the video.

The first implementations of technologies are produced in media services, which allows you to analyze the video streams of various TV channels for product placement in real time.

The new task of the company is the development of services in the media market and the launch of a joint project with the service. - a platform for automated mass placement of video advertising on video blog channels, as well as video analytics trends service.

Using the technology, the service is able to analyze the mentions and the emergence of brands on the video, which will ensure a good level of automation of advertising campaigns and trend analysis.

These demo videos were taken from different channels and analyzed for the presence of well-known brands, including voice recognition:







Indonezian language, but we still can find some brands without additional learning:



By using this technology, the AdHive project will be able to recognize the product placement on the video posted by bloggers in real time and analyze the video content for the mentioned brands.

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