Artificial Intelligence solutions for business
We create building blocks for AI services wich can use Machine Vision, Speech and Sound Recognition as well as usual Machine Learning classifiers, Memory Augmented classifiers and time metrics
Scorch AI SDK
  • Composition of the machine vision algorithm according for particular business needs
  • Real-time detection and recognition of objects and human actions
  • Voice and speech recognition on video and streams
Computation Framework
  • Able to compose a complex AI solutions from combination of separately trained ML modules
  • Provides full integration with input and output data
  • Organizes an ecosystem and standardizes data transmission formats
Training Tool
  • Easily creates learning datasets based on business purposes
  • Provides cost optimization using web-interface and high degree of automation
  • Able to import data from the different sources and from Internet
Keep me posted about your progress
Scorch is one of the first companies focused on the visual recognition of complex actions and the development of human actions detection algorithms. Our modules run neural networks video processing in real time on both servers and devices. The modules are portable across different Operating Systems such as Linux, Android, iOS and GoPro Sdk.
Our big advantages are highly accurate real-time detection of human actions and our experienced computer vision team that is currently building the technology applying new AI concepts.
We believe that the computer vision for devices will change people’s lives dramatically, especially in that our machine vision will accelerate the advent of full-blown Augmented Reality smart glasses. We consider it a great honor to develop effective and innovative solutions in this area.