Video Bloggers + AI + Blockchain = AdHive

Platform for automated video ads placement across the chain of video bloggers. Distributed video bloggers with could get access to corporate advertising budgets and disrupt TV and digital monopoly.

  • Video Blogger
  • Advertiser
  • Artificial Intelligance Controller

How it works will place and control video blogs with AI modules which can recognise video, sounds and speech. We create new tool for advertisers - we connect them with bloggers who creates video ads placement and controll the process via AI.

Video Blogger

Bloggers can earn money without negotiations and confirmations of creative. There are two options - accept the task and made it, or decline. Just that. Tokens will be transferred as soon as AI modules recognise the task on video. No one should confirm it.


Video ads grow fast and TV will be replaced by new type of video content delivery channels, where vendors and brands should be in time. AdHive will be available to place any size of campaign, and there is no need to pay bloggers in advance - smart contract will do it just after execution of ad task.


Young people tend to search information on Youtube and prefer to watch instead of read. The number of video bloggers will grow and content will move from TV and vendors to distributed channels with native delivery.

AI controller

AI save your time - it provides unbiased control where success and failures can be formalised, which transform current platforms based on negotiations into the automated service with huge time saving

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Just 1 minute to wonder if AI already can solve the problem of creative and placement control

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Adhive is a platform for automated mass placement of video advertising on video blog channels

Video Blogger

Opportunities for small and medium video bloggers

  • Receive a reward on the same day
  • Have a transparent mechanism for monetizing the video blog
  • Work with a proven provider, have regular orders and payment guarantees
  • Monetize streams - control the placement of advertising realtime


Opportunities for advertisers

  • Get access to young audience and audience of subcultures in a native way
  • No chats with bloggers to negotiate, agree on terms, control the result, pay for the result, collect reporting documents
  • Accumulation of video content without video production
  • Realtime tracking of online broadcasts

Artificial intelligiance

AI module consists of machine learning modules for video and speech recognition, which are combined in a proper way to achieve a high recognition rate, replacing a lot of manual work.

AI + smart contracts create an autonomous system which can check, assess the result and pay in case of success, makes it accurate and realtime.